Our Industry


It was never our goal to be the biggest car rental company, just the best. It just so happens that by staying true to our beliefs we’ve grown into the #1 car rental company in the world.

So what’s the big plan for our future? As always, our main focus will be growing our local rental business by continuing to pick up our customers and marketing to repair shops, corporations, insurance companies and policy holders with damaged or stolen cars.

It’s an approach that’s proving successful across the world. Since opening our first branch outside North America in 1993, we’ve built up a network of more than 500 locations in Canada, and more than 800 in the UK, Ireland and Germany. Our on-site airport operations have also grown steadily – to over 300 franchise and corporate owned locations globally – thanks to our customers who wanted to take advantage of our high level of customer service and value while away from home.

Put simply, we will continue to expand safe in the knowledge that our business model of superior personalised service and highly empowered employees – supported by the latest technology – translates into success in any language. No matter how large we become, our success story will always hinge upon thousands of smaller success stories – from graduates to senior management – all with the vision and determination to be the best.

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