Our Values In Action

Our Values In Action

We invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring our business operations are closely aligned with our values and our responsibilities to communities and the world around us. To make this a little easier, we manage our operations according to a “Cultural Compass” that guides our day-to-day dealings with customers, communities and one another.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Cultural Compass


This is true north on our Cultural Compass, because it’s only by being a well-managed, growing business that we’re able to do all that society expects of us and that we expect of ourselves. We evaluate the performance of our operating groups based on how their operations maintain what we call “The Balance”:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee development
  • Fleet growth
  • Profitability



We define diversity as the many qualities and characteristics that make each individual unique. Inclusion is about understanding and embracing our differences in ways that drive innovation, connect us more fully to our communities and make our company a place that is welcoming to all and attracts the best talent in the market.



Our atmosphere challenges employees to do their best work, helps them achieve and supports them in creating a healthy work/life balance. When people feel satisfied and engaged, this leads to improvements in such areas as absenteeism, productivity and retention. Find out more about Motivation in action.



This means understanding, embracing and displaying the highest standards of integrity and accepting our responsibility to do what is right and maintaining a highly ethical work environment. Following through on that earns us the trust, credibility and customer loyalty that builds our brand.



We integrate community relations, philanthropy and government relations to strengthen strategic relationships with key organisations. We also encourage volunteering for community causes, charities and initiatives that our customers, business partners and employees support. And through our Enterprise Holdings Foundation, we are able to support charities further with financial contributions.



Measurement, cost reduction, conservation and compliance help us make more efficient use of resources, both natural and financial. We are committed to understanding our environmental impact and are adopting measures to reduce it. Our Environmental Platform forms the basis of our commitment to current and future sustainable initiatives.