Living by our values


Our values are the very cornerstones of what makes Enterprise successful, and you’ll find them being brought to life by our people, day in, day out. If they strike a chord with you, then there’s every chance you’ll fit in perfectly with us.

  • Our brand is the most valuable thing we own

    We do business every day as if our success depends upon the company's good name – because it does. Our reputation is our most precious asset. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a world-class company built by its people… one transaction, one handshake, and one kept promise at a time. That makes each employee an owner of the Enterprise brand, with the power to advance the company's position in the marketplace, one customer at a time.

    We believe our reputation is our most prized asset.

  • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success

    As the personal face of Enterprise to our customers and in our communities, our employees accept responsibility for demonstrating our true commitment to the highest ethical standards. We build loyal, long-term relationships with our customers and neighbours by treating them fairly, meeting their needs, and earning their trust. These relationships, sustained by personal honesty and integrity, are the foundation of our success.

    We believe loyal, long-term relationships are the basis of our success.

  • Customer service is our way of life

    We maintain an uncompromising focus on customer service, from our distinctive professional dress and courteous demeanour, to our practice of directly linking career advancement opportunities to the actual customer service we provide. Customers seek out – and stay with – Enterprise because our people believe in and deliver courteous, personalised service every day. Our goal is to exceed every customer's expectations.

    We believe in exceeding each and every customer's expectations.

  • Great things happen when we listen...To our customers and to each other

    We have learned that when we truly listen to our customers and understand their needs, they lead us to opportunities, from little ways to serve them better to new lines of business that open up exciting growth prospects for our company. We listen carefully to one another, too. Day-to-day, face-to-face, listening leads us to working more effectively together. At Enterprise, we understand that an open and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to maintaining our high standards for service and personal success.

    We believe in listening carefully to customers and our colleagues.

  • Enterprise is a fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules

    We work hard to meet our goals for growth and success. But we work just as hard to keep our workplace enjoyable. We are known for our enthusiasm, high energy, competitive drive, and team spirit. And as we continue to grow, we understand we can best fuel the collective success of the entire company with a workforce that is upbeat, motivated, and highly committed to each other's success.

    We believe in listening carefully to customers and our colleagues.

  • We work hard...and we reward hard work

    Learning how to run a successful business from the ground up and delivering our high standard of service is hard work. It's work that demands a deep personal commitment from each employee. Enterprise rewards that commitment personally, professionally, and financially by providing employees with many different career opportunities. Our business model provides a solid foundation in business operations and true entrepreneurship that few, if any, companies offer. That makes Enterprise a great fit for career-minded individuals who take real ownership of and responsibility for their goals and aspirations.

    We believe in rewarding commitment personally, professionally, and financially.

  • We strengthen our communities, one neighbourhood at a time

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a "local" company. Unlike our competitors, we have a presence in thousands of neighbourhoods, placing us on a first-name basis with the people who call those neighbourhoods home. We purchase thousands of vehicles locally, generate large economies of scale through sales and employment, create meaningful jobs that generate significant income and benefits for employees and their families, and much more. We realise we owe our success to the support and goodwill of the people who live in those communities and who do business with us. That's why we are committed to involving ourselves in the support of worthwhile endeavours in the hometowns and cities where we operate our businesses.

    We believe in supporting the hometowns and cities where we're based.

  • Our doors are open

    Enterprise reaches out to people of all backgrounds – in serving existing customers and winning new ones, in developing our current employees and attracting new talent, and in identifying and employing a diverse range of service providers. Our commitment to being an inclusive company extends to every employee, customer, and business partner. We value the many differences that make each of us unique and know that these differences help to advance our success. Simply put, we want to nurture a business environment that is responsive to all. This is an integral part of who we are as a company and as individuals.

    We believe that the diversity of our people keeps our thinking fresh.