To make it easier for you to use this site we’ve built-in some features which might help you get around. If you are an individual with a disability, you have the right to request a reasonable accommodation if you are unable to or are limited in your ability to use or to access . You can request reasonable accommodations by sending an email to We would be more than happy to speak to you at any time about our site or our recruitment process.


Tab Key

You can also use the Tab key on your keyboard to move between links on a page. A single press of Tab high-lights the next link, shift+Tab high-lights the previous link.


Browser text-sizing tool

text sizing tool

Most popular browsers feature a text resizing tool in the toolbar.

With this tool you can resize text on screen to a level you feel comfortable with. Just click on the icon, and select a new size.

This tool is also available in the menu of various browsers as follows:

  • Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6 (PC): view > text size
  • Internet Explorer 5 (Mac): view > text zoom
  • Netscape 6, 7, Mozilla: view > text zoom
  • Opera 7: view > zoom
  • Chrome: settings > zoom


Display of this site in older browsers

To allow access to as diverse an audience as possible, this website is built using techniques supported by Web Standards. Many of the features which we have used to improve accessibility are unfortunately not supported in certain older, non standards-compliant browsers. To take full advantage of the features on this, and many other sites across the web, we recommend that you upgrade to a standards compliant browser.

If you’d like to upgrade you can find a list of the most popular standards-supporting browsers here, all of which are free to download.



If you need to print a page in this site you’ll find that your browser’s Print function works perfectly well.

Some sites will only print some of the text on a page, or will output cropped pages when you try to print them, but this site has been tailored to print correctly.

Choose file > print preview in your browser’s menu to see for yourself. You’ll notice that to improve clarity, none of the navigation objects or other elements which are superfluous to a printed version will be printed.



This site conforms to the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines, to A standard.