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Ashley Hever

How to get a graduate job with a 2:2 degree

What do Prince Charles, JK Rowling, Jo Whiley, Bear Grylls and our very own Ashley Hever have in common? You guessed it – they all graduated with a 2:2. If they made it, so can you. Find out how. read more

29 November, 2016 by Ashley Hever

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Aaron Sherwood

Three reasons to apply for the Undergraduate of the Year Award

Improve your chances of getting a graduate job when leaving university isn’t the only thing that will happen if you apply for the TARGETjobs Management Undergraduate of the Year Awards. read more

4 January, 2017 by Aaron Sherwood

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

$60 Million donation to food banks marks 60th anniversary

To mark our 60th Anniversary, the Enterprise Foundation has launched the Fill Your Tank programme, designed to help break the barriers that keep people from achieving their full potential and leading healthy, productive lives. read more

14 November, 2016 by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Beth Atkinson

What will you get out of the Undergraduate of the Year Award?

I hadn't even finished my first year at university, and yet here I was - a top 10 finalist at the Management Undergraduate of the Year Award. read more

7 November, 2016 by Beth Atkinson

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

A summer internship will improve your personal development

Enterprise’s relationship with Enactus goes back a long way, and it’s exactly because of members like Kuljeet that we will continue supporting this incredible student society. read more

19 September, 2016 by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The 3 types of job interviews you’re likely to have

Do you know the difference between behavioural, Situational or Case-based? Not all job interview formats are the same. We look at the three main types and explain how to give the answers that will get you hired. read more

15 September, 2016 by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Ella Winter

The best summer graduate internship I could have hoped for

I took part in the ‘Management Undergraduate Of The Year’ competition, ended up doing a summer internship and I’m planning to come back when I graduate. This is my story. read more

9 September, 2016 by Ella Winter

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

5 unusual ways to boost and improve your CV

Your CV doesn’t have to look exactly the same as all the others. Here are a few useful tips that will help yours stand out from the crowd and get you hired. read more

7 September, 2016 by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

James Rodgers

Employee Spotlight: Belfast International Airport “A Day In The Life Of”

Enterprise Graduate Management Trainee James Rodgers loves the hustle and bustle of working in a busy airport branch – here he explains what a typical day is like and how important it is to exceed customers’ expectations. read more

25 August, 2016 by James Rodgers

Chelsea Gannon

What does it take to win student campus brand manager of the year?

Join us as Enterprise’s representative on campus, and you’ll improve your employability skills. Do well, and you might just be awarded student Campus Brand Manager of the Year – here’s how I did it. read more

23 August, 2016 by Chelsea Gannon

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Great motivational tips for students from top athletes

Looking to make the most out of your university experience? Olympic athletes know a thing or two about dedication and motivation - here are their top tips. read more

19 August, 2016 by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Grad Employer of the Year

Voted Graduate Employer of the Year at the 2016 TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards by UK students and a panel of experts.

Grad Employer of the Year
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