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How to have a green commute

By Enterprise Rent-A-Car

There are more than sixty million people currently in the UK, and roughly 73% of us are in employment. So, chances are, every morning, there are more people commuting to work around the UK than live in the entirety of Scotland and Wales combined. So, with so many people making that daily journey, how can you stop your commute from impacting on the environment? Here are some of our top tips:

  1. Cycle

Bicycles parked by tree in the parkCycling to work is one obvious way of keeping your carbon footprint down, and it’ll help you keep fit. There are plenty of great cycle paths now developing up and down the UK, so you can plan the right route for you. Movements like Sustrans provide a map of existing cycle routes, clearly marked with on-road and off-road options, so that you can avoid traffic if you’re not confident cycling at rush hour.

You don’t even have to worry if you don’t own a bike, because there are plenty of daily bike hire options springing up across the country. London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ have inspired similar schemes in other major cities from Liverpool to Belfast to Glasgow, where the People Make Glasgow bikes launched last summer during the Commonwealth Games. So, get on your bike. Or at least, get on theirs.

  1. Take the bus

Buses might still contribute to our carbon emissions, but if there are seventy of you onboard, you can see how it cuts down on the emissions – and the traffic -that would have come from seventy different cars on the road. We should also say that plenty of UK cities are beginning to see the introduction of electric and hybrid buses too, which cut down significantly on emissions and fuel consumption. Yes, there’s always the risk that you might have to wait at a rainy bus stop on occasion, and you may encounter some unhappy commuters, but it’s worth it for the environment in the long run.

 Management Trainee- Central London

  1. Jogging

We’re not suggesting you run a marathon to work in the morning, but if you’re not too far from your office, and you’re the sort of person who can run a mile without too much effort, then this might be for you. And, if you aren’t that sort of person, then the practice might help you become that sort of person. Alternatively, you could just walk. Either way, you’ll cut down on your carbon footprint, for a greener commute.

  1. Car pool

If you work with colleagues that live on your route, then car pooling might be a great option for you. You could alternate driving on different days, so that none of you have to drive all the time, or you could pitch together for petrol money for the one person in your group who drives everyone else. Just make sure you lay down your rules, and remember that the driver picks the music, and you’ll all do fine. You might even get to know each other a little better in the process

    5.  Drive safe

If you do need to drive yourself to work – if it just isn’t practical to cycle, walk, or take public transport – then the way you drive can make a huge difference to the environment. The smoother your driving, the more fuel efficient it is, so do your best not to slam on the breaks or rev the accelerator – no matter how much you want to be Lewis Hamilton – and you’ll make your commute that bit greener.

No matter where you’re commuting from, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has opportunities for you: our graduate management trainee and internship programmes are based all over the UK, so check us out today and find a career that’s right for you.



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