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Why charity work is great for your CV

By Enterprise Rent-A-Car

There are a number of things you could do to make your CV stand out. Charity work is one of them. You may not receive a salary, but it can be extremely rewarding to give back to your community and it will look great on your CV. So if you’re debating whether to volunteer for a charity or work, here are a few points to convince you to go for the former.

why-charity-work-is-good-for-your-cvCharity work is a great way to discover your strengths and weaknesses and to work on them. Volunteer for an organisation where you will have the chance to refine the skills you need for the career you are interested in. If you want to be a doctor, volunteering at a confectionery factory may not be as useful as volunteering at a health centre. Immerse yourself in an environment you can see yourself working in; this could also help you really decide if that’s where you want to be after you graduate.

If you’re in your second or third year of university and you’re doubting your current degree choice, volunteering in an area you’re interested in could open up new avenues for you to explore. Studying French and politics, but want to learn how to run a business? Look for volunteering schemes for aspiring entrepreneurs, or give up a few hours a week to a start-up company you really like.

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If you’ve already done some volunteering work, here are some tips to make sure you’re highlighting it on your CV.

  • Don’t use the title volunteer

You’re not ashamed of being a volunteer but on your CV, the focus should be on the type of work you did and the results, rather than whether you were paid or not. Use a title that represents exactly what you did; the fact that you volunteered should appear in the job description.

  • Focus on your achievements

Highlight the results you achieved while volunteering and make sure you tailor them to the job you’re applying for. If you supervised a team, talk about it and explain how you lead them to success.

  • Only include what’s important

You may have spent years volunteering at a number of different organisations, but if you find yourself running out of space on your CV, it’s probably time to cut down on the number of volunteering roles you’re mentioning. The charity work you do should add to your experience not distract from it, so it’s important to be picky about what you’re including.

You can learn plenty of transferable skills while doing charity work, and it also shows commitment, passion and a willingness to help. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, charity work is a great way to show that you are willing to further your skills and at Enterprise people like that do really well. Check out our opportunities and apply for a role today.

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