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Why you should join clubs and societies at university

By Enterprise Rent-A-Car

From the weird and wonderful to the eccentric and unique, there are plenty of clubs and societies available at all universities in the UK. Last August, The Independent posted an article of the “Top 10 weirdest university clubs and societies” including the likes of KiguSoc (Animal Onesies) at the University of York, The Curry Society at Leicester University and Harry Potter Society at Cardiff University. Of course there are also your standard sport/drama/music/newspaper clubs and societies; these are simply just a taste of what’s on offer on a campus near you.

But how can clubs and societies actually benefit you and enhance your university experience?

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  • Stand out from the Crowd

Employers are continuously looking for aspects in an applicant’s CV or application form that will help set them apart from the competition. Becoming involved in a university club or society, and in particular holding a position of responsibility on the committee will really highlight you as a strong candidate. Sports clubs help to promote qualities that can be translated into a business environment, including leadership and teamwork. Whereas Law societies and the like, assist in the development of public speaking, and the ability to think on your feet; stimulating that inner confidence.

  • Increased Social Opportunities

The start of university brings vast opportunities for you to meet a whole range of new people. Your accommodation is the first logical place you are likely to make new friends, followed closely by those on your course. A club/society gives you an entirely separate group, in which you already have a common interest.  Coupled with the fact most clubs meet at least once a week and hold a number of social events, it is a place designed to make new friends.

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  • Maintaining the Balance

Concentrating solely on academic studies at university is not always the best way to ensure academic success. Yes, your primary objective is to study and receive a good degree class; but it is also healthy to have breaks from the over congested library from time to time. Being involved with a university club can supply you with that external output and release away from your studies to lead a balanced university life.

  • Promoting an active Lifestyle

Without the luxury of a home cooked meal or rigorous school P.E lessons (let’s face it – we’ve all done enough roly polys and climbed the high ropes to last us a lifetime), the lure of junk food and disregard for the prices at the local gym can suddenly overwhelm us. We all fall foul of it, particularly with Domino’s Pizza virtually overtaking campus for the first few weeks and coughing up deals left, right and centre. Sport at university is a great way of keeping us fit and healthy, as well as justifying last night’s delicacy from Abra-Kebabra. A whole host of sporting events available cater for everyone from seasoned professionals, to those who just fancy a knock about. Sport at university is an easy form of organised regular exercise.

  • Potential Platform

Many of the country’s most well-known performers were crafted by the societies they attended whilst at university. Take the University of Cambridge ‘Footlights’ Dramatic Club. Over the years it has produced some of the country’s best loved performers, from Fawlty Towers’ illustrious owner Basil Fawlty (John Cleese), the characters of political anomalies Borat and Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen), to the modern day Inbetweeners stars Simon Bird and Joe Thomas (Will McKenzie and Simon Cooper). There are a countless number of performances and musical gigs present every year on campus which you can be involved in, and you never know who may be watching.

There really is no better way of becoming immersed in university life than becoming a member of the great number of clubs/societies available on campus. With the added bonus of the experience university clubs and societies will have for your CV, you are likely to gather interest from potential employers across all industries and sectors. It all congregates and complements that drive to secure a spring and summer internship, as well as your first graduate job.

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