Jess Abiola


Jess Abiola

Job title: Contracts Specialist


What I like best about working at Enterprise is the open culture. In the eight months since I joined I’ve never felt out of place or unable to speak my mind – in fact, you’re actively encouraged to bring your ideas to the table. That kind of culture gives you a sense of purpose and responsibility, and I like the fact that the sales team rely on people like me to prepare their contracts and help keep everything running smoothly. It motivates me to come in every morning with a good attitude, ready to work and do a good job.

Everyone I’ve met at Enterprise is enthusiastic about the opportunities for career progressionand lots of them have been here for much longer than me. It says a lot about a company that long-serving employees feel that there’s still plenty of room to grow, either in their own jobs or by getting promoted.

And if I ran Enterprise? It’s such a big company that I think I’d spend some time going around to say ‘hi’ to everyone and let them know how much we appreciate everything they do!

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