Lisa Njamfa


Lisa Njamfa

Job title: International Management Trainee


I joined Enterprise because I wanted to work for a company which shared my vision, where my decisions would count and where I could eventually become one of the top management team. I’ve only been here for five months but already I feel I’m making good progress. I love to sell and that’s what I’m doing, it’s a real pleasure to come to work in the mornings.

What’s impressed me about Enterprise is the sense of working with a team of ambitious people who are at the top of their game and who feel they can achieve whatever they want if they work smart enough. I know a lot of companies say that, but here you really feel that your work will always be rewarded. You also get a chance to take real responsibility and to make real decisions. My boss always says to me: “I’d prefer you to make a decision, even the wrong decision, than to make no decision at all.” That’s empowering and drives you to do better and work smarter.

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