Simi Charunda


Simi Charunda

Job title: 12 Month Placement - Business Management


I’m on a 12-month internship at Enterprise at Enterprise and this is a great opportunity for me to learn about the business and – hopefully – to do well. Before starting, I researched the company thoroughly – make sure you do the same if you’re thinking about applying – and was impressed. It’s a professional, environment but it’s also a very welcoming and humbling place to work. And rewarding. I bought my mum a watch for her birthday with my first month’s pay!

Dealing with customers and colleagues has helped improve my communications skills and I learn something new every day – Enterprise is a global company and there’s a lot to pick up but if you’re determined to understand the way the business works and put the extra effort in, I believe that anyone can succeed. Best of all, I’m in a new career and I want to be able to enjoy my work because I’m convinced that’s one of the things that will help to make me successful, and Enterprise is absolutely the right place for that.

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